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Felipe + Esther | Engagement Film


Aquest is the video Love Session of Felipe and Esther that will design the day of your wedding just abans d'entra the restaurant.

When they come together, they are going to explain the one who is going to come, who is going to please the idea. The moderation, which I am aware of, is that this video was a special motive for the illusion of the illegitimate ambiguity, and it would not be possible for us to do anything more than to commend ourselves of this happiness and energy. .

The video pre-dates the vam fer to the equestrian Terra Ferma de Lleida. It will not be an easy recording. To the unavoidable difficulty of treballar amb animals, it was li afe a fort vent that made difficult the recording and destabilitzava the camera. Així coma also frightened the cavaliers, who were more nervous than normal.

From Wedding's Art, you should donate the graces to Felipe Esther for the seva amabilitat, the seva way to be, to make us take home the seva. Ah! I no ens volem oblidar tampoc to donate the gracies to the Purita of Gan per seva patience ... :)


This is the video Love Session by Felipe and Esther, and we planned the day of their wedding before they entered the restaurant.

When we met and they explained that it was what they wanted, we really liked the idea. As we talked and we met, we realized that for them this video was something very special. Seeing the illusion that made them, we could do nothing but infect us with that happiness and energy that were overflowing.

The video preboda we did it in the equestrian Terra Ferma de Lleida. It was not an easy recording. To the added difficulty of working with animals, we found a strong wind that made recording very difficult and de-stabilized the camera. As well as, it scared the horses and made them more nervous than usual.

From Wedding's Art, we want to thank Felipe and Esther for their kindness, their way of being, and for opening the doors of their home. Ah! we also want to thank, of course, Purita de Gan for her patience ... :)


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