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We’re Alex and Anaïs, videographer and photographer from Wedding’s Art, a wedding studio based in Barcelona, and available worldwide.

Our passion is travel, laugh and hang out with our friends. In our suitcase never missing our cameras because it’s our job and also our hobby. We love take pictures, meet people and watching life go by.

Video and photography, as well as being our work, are our great passion and our hobby. That is why we are not able to go on a trip without our cameras! Costa Rica, Morocco, Cuba, Brazil, Thailand, Sri Lanka, United States, Vietnam, Mexico, Cambodia, Icelandand part of Europe... All of them have already passed our goals.

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We only accept one weddinga week. With this philosophy we created Wedding’s Art. We understand that more than oneWedding a weekIn the long run, we will lower the quality we offer, and this for us is nonnegotiable.

Our videos are like little movies, and recently we are nominated 4th best videographer of the year 2015 in Spain. As a destination wedding photographer and international wedding videographer, we travel around the world to capture your LOVE.

We are not a big company, and we want to be, so we assure you that always You will try us and we will be responsible for making the photos and video of your wedding. We never outsource anyone or have partners to do more than one wedding a day. This ensures that our style and quality remain intact.We try our videos as movies, recording and processing images in such a way to achieve an aestheticcinematographic, And thus give yourself a little movie of your wedding day.

We do not like overloaded videos color filter or an excessive rate of assembly. We prefer that contain emotions, images i have enough strength to speak for themselves. With this philosophy and way of understandingWedding Cinematography, we can say that we have been chosen as the 3ª best wedding recording 2016 4º best wedding videographer in Spain 2015 (Unionwep) and one of the20 best videographers Spainthe 2014.


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In Wedding's Art we bet on thequalityand not for the amount.  © Weddings' Art: ” We think different, We shoot different” 


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