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The Mariner of Sant Pau | Marc & Laura

In Marc i la Laura are going to marry the passat April to Les Marmotes de Vallter 2000. It will be an intimate marriage, envoltats de neu i dels sus, amb roba d'ski i in comptes d'anells are intercanviar polseres.

To celebrate-ho, one month after they are going to organize a party to The Mariner of Sant Pau. It's going to be a big party, there will not be a ceremony, but for the duration of the show, the video of the wedding will be projected for all those who will not be able to be, also in formessin part.

Then you can see the photos of the celebration of El Mariner:

Masia: The Mariner of Sant Pau

Vestit Núvia: Rembo Styling of The Pim Pam

Complements Núvia: Fauna and Flora

Perruqueria i maquillatge:Cris perruqueria

Frame:Blanc Trencat

Vestit nuvi:Zara Men

Complements nuvi:Zara Men

It decoració: Blanc Trencat

Càtering:Mine Mine

DJ: EDR- Espectacles Ripollès

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