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Fotograf casament Girona | Wedding's Art · Alex & Anaïs ·

MARTA & CARLES 16 / 06 / 2018

"Hello, handsome! At first I apologize for answering so late! Estem ben distrets amb tantes coses maques per veure per aqui ...
Anaïs, les 4 photos that you're going to send are ♥ ♥ ︎ ♥ ︎ ♥ ︎ ♥ ︎ ♥ ︎ ♥ ︎️ !!!
Us hem of dir que qu buscavem photos and video pel casament nomes vem contact amb vosaltres, ja que haviem descobert per instagram i ens will love what vem veure, but just parlair ahir parlavem that could not haver triat millor! Estem encantats, sou molt bons, feu an impeccable feina, veritat sou uns cracks! Els millors sens dubte !!!!!
Alex ... Estem enamorats of the video! Ahir per first cop vem deixar to watch the sea per veure the video 3 vegades seguides ... sensational machine .. emotion machine .. amb tant amunt i avall ens a mica lluny tot plegat ...! Pell de gallina ..
Us ho tornem to dir, perque ho pensem aixi: sou fantàstics !!!!! Feu a feina excel • lent de veritat !!
Moltissimes gracies per tot!
Molts petons and an abraçada from Maldives .. !!!
Marta and Carles "

BECKY & PAUL 30 / 08 / 2016

"We fell in love with Alex and Anais's work When we first met them. They have an absolutely amazing creative skill to capture moments you can treasure forever That.
We met three different photographers With and our obvious choice They Were After This meeting, They have Such love for what They Do and we fell in love with Their portfolio. We did an engagement shoot in Barcelona a few months before the wedding, Which was fantastic - a great chance to get to know each other before our wedding day.
Alex and Anais Also Took photos for us the night before our wedding When we had a BBQ With all of our guests. These photos are really special - capturing the moments Where We were first greeting our guests !!
On the day of the wedding they were both fantastic, we almost did not know they were there - but they were definitely as the photos and video
they captured are stunning! The day is over so quickly, that having these precious memories captured forever are so special. They felt a few sample shots very quickly after the wedding which was amazing - keeping the day alive that little bit longer! Then over the next 4 months we received our photos and video all of which were absolutely perfect. We could not have happier with Alex and Anais and would highly recommend them to anyone. "

Wedding photographer Wedding Begur-'s ArtALBA & KIKE 11 / 06 / 2016

"We got married last June and just a little over 3 months we are back to relive our day thanks to the great work of Anaïs and Alex. We were looking for a souvenir photo in both video and as natural as possible, avoiding the typical photos and have really succeeded. It is a very close team, all the difficult organization and coordination of the day make it easy. They noted for their discretion and professionalism. We thank very much to have people who are part of your day and make you enjoy it with the assurance that everything will be fine. Something very positive for us has been that since the first week have been sharing with us small wedding moments (some first photos). The video we could see during our honeymoon, only two weeks and 3 months and full video album. These details make much difference, since the illusion of marriage is not only the day, but all that revives later and they get really follow reliving your wedding. Surely a team more than recommended. Guarantee of professionalism, great attention to detail. It would have without hesitation. "

Wedding photos Masia Vilasendra - Wedding's Art 087NÚRIA & RAMON 20 / 06 / 2105

Wedding's Art have for our wedding story was a great success. We were looking at many options for wedding photographers and knew how Art Wedding's what we knew. Alex and Anaïs everything was very easy. It all began conducting a pre-pruning report in the Montseny where we met better. The wedding day was perfect. A few days after the wedding and we receive Highlights (video) and loved it. A few weeks ago we delivered the album and video and left us speechless. A great job! There are the typical wedding photographers make you pose and pose are at all times but go completely unnoticed, doing an impeccable job. They have a fresh, natural and elegant style. In the result it shows that they are passionate about their work. Undoubtedly the best choice. Ramón y Núria.

Customer Reviews Wedding's art

MERCE & GARY 24 / 05 / 2014

"We want to thank Wedding's Arts for its great professionalism and excellent work. Certainly we would repeat them if we had become married because the memory you have left in our hands is lovely.

We had looked at thousands of photographers online, but when we found the photos we knew we were one of the candidates who wanted to see. The decision was extremely successful, from the first moment we loved and made us feel super comfortable. The work they showed us was super professional, the style was we were looking for and the best personality and flexibility.

We spent a weekend together in Ireland to do the pre-wedding report. In less than two weeks we had an amazing video that we reproduced on the day of the wedding and a spectacular selection of photos. Next came the wedding and the result was very fast and impressive. Anaïs and Alex are great professionals. You can tell they enjoy doing their work and this is transmitted in the result. We will certainly have them for future events. Thanks again for everything."

DANI & Reviews - Wedding's ArtCRISTINA 12 / 07 / 2014

"Spectacular!! I really do not have words to describe how happy we are with the guys Wedding's Art. We were married on July 12 in the Poble Rural Puig Arnau Pubilló near Solsona and Sant Llorenc de Morunys.
We met through the Internet, thanks to the website of the rural village where we were married. Wedding's Art had made the video and photo reportage of a couple up there. When I saw the pictures, I fell in love instantly. Style beat me a lot, they were nothing forced, and the light of the pictures I liked. I thought it had an air photos and vintage, which fitted me long for the kind of wedding, so we decided to contact them. After a mail, and knowing that they were in the area of ​​the Costa Brava, we take a weekend that we were there, and they approached the village where we were. We brought many of his works so that we could assess whether we liked, both video and photos.
The truth is that before we parted, I already had clear that they were the chosen ones. Even before staying with them we had seen other professionals in Lleida, but none looked like what they were doing. The photos were super natural, and videos gave off a magic and frenetic pace. They looked Hollywood movies! But without being forced, really. So a few days later, we got in touch with them via mail (they are very quick answering) and confirm them we wanted to do pre-wedding story, photos and video of the wedding with them.
The price of the whole pack was excellent. To those who I scandalized the prices of photographers, truly I tell you, speak with Anaïs and Àlex Wedding's Art have the tightest prices, and over, when you get the thoughts materials. Moreover, should they have paid.

The pre-wedding story was great. The photos were magnificent, in an environment that we liked, and had in no time!
And from here, go closer to the wedding day. The wedding day was perfect. They were everywhere, but not "bother". I mean, I know they were everywhere, because now I've seen enough photos, there are some that neither I realized that made the picture! 'I have my girlfriends friends of the photos that have made us !!

Another point in favor of Anaïs and Alex is the speed and efficiency. When we were on honeymoon (less than a month after the wedding), we received a mail video summary of the wedding, the "highlights", they call them. You still on their honeymoon, and reliving our day with a super moving video! (And with a song perfectly chosen for them).
Regarding the photos, we arrived a wee summary also travel in less than a month, and yesterday (our first month of marriage), we had hung a 100 photos.
In short: Wedding's Art is the choice !! Anaïs i Àlex, really, we are delighted with you! "

Fotograf casament Girona | Wedding's Art · Photo & Film
RACHEL & SERGI 15 / 08 / 2014

"We got married last August and Wedding's Art took care of both the photos and the video report and, truthfully, we could not have chosen better. They recently gave us the material and we are very happy with the work they have done. Anaïs and Alex, besides being great professionals, are super nice and make working with them a pleasure.

We were looking at several photographers, but from the first moment we saw their work we knew we wanted to have them. We loved his style, naturalness that give off their photos and videos that look like little movies. In addition, they offer a very competitive price.
We dealt with them the pre-wedding session, which came in handy icebreaker-and the result was spectacular!

The wedding day made it all very easy and worked around we knew they were there. Both images and video are very natural, without forced poses and really convey the emotions experienced. And best of all is that after a few weeks we had the video with highlights. A real treat to see pictures of the big day in such a short time.

100% we recommend Wedding's Art. Thank you for everything Anaïs and Alex. No doubt you will have on future occasions.

Raquel & Sergi. "

Weddings Art - prewedding Mireia i Miguel 47MIREIA & MIGUEL 19 / 07 / 2014

"We contacted Wedding's art 9 months before the wedding, kindness loved. We had seen many photographers but when we discovered we knew they were the ones chosen. The work we saw on their website loved so we decided to meet them; from the first day there was chemistry.
We made a video and photo shoot pre-wedding I had a great time, made us feel very comfortable; when we saw the result of all we were speechless: Spectacular.

The wedding day was great, we put all the facilities in the world, made us feel at ease and we had fun with them. Without a doubt recommend them, professionalism is one of his best weapons. (A part of his sympathy, kindness and above all a sense of humor). Thank you guys, did our day was memorable. Mireia & Miguel."

DAVID & VICTÒRIA 26 / 07 / 2014

"We are awaiting the final outcome but both day before and the day of the wedding showed great professionalism and empathy. Anaïs and Alex made some photos and videos very romantic but not corny. Nor epic movie trailers seem like a videographer who went to see. Wedding's Art have good value for money and a great deal. Thank you both for attention this past Saturday, see you soon."

Wedding's Art & BodasdecuentoQuequé + MARC 13 / 09 / 2014

"The truth is that it was one of the things that was clear about the wedding day: we want a beautiful and super nice video. So we have to find a beautiful and nice company. When we look, it did not cost us much decide for Wedding's Art, we made every effort to contact them and hire their services. They starting with kindness, by the professionalism and ending with the closeness and humanity that emerge undoubtedly are the best there is in this world. Undoubtedly, we will hire for any occasion why believe worthwhile. They have done a brilliant job and we love our video. Thank you to them for their great work! Do not hesitate to call them because you'll love!
Infinite thanks for making us fall in love with our wedding! Millions of kisses!"

wedding videos - Wedding's ArtJORDI & MARI 28 / 06 / 2014

"When we decided that we were getting married, video and photography was something we knew we did not want to skimp on, after all it's the only memory you have left. Well, we could not make a better choice. Anaïs and Alex are absolutely fantastic. We can not have enough good words for them.

They get into your story, they get to know you enough to know that you like it. And the result of that professional involvement, is a magnificent memory. They care about every detail, every face, every smile, every moment that makes our video the best memory we ever dreamed of. Every friend of ours who sees it, is speechless. We would not have thought of a better way to capture that day that was magical for us! If we were to get married again, we would choose them again and again, because talent and affection can be appreciated in every millimeter of their work! "

Wedding in Huesca

ANNA & RAÜL ... + LENA 27 / 09 / 2014

"The hired for our wedding in September 2014, and we can only say that we would do it !!! They are super professional and close together, with a super cool and different style, down the rigid posados ​​!!! The money is excellent, also they are quick to deliver work and are always available to answer questions or to contact them. 100% we recommend them !!!! Marry them, for us has been one of the best investments of our wedding.

Thanks for everything!!!! Anna + Raül + Lena "

Begur Wedding - Wedding's Art

ISA + DANI 20 / 09 / 2014

"I love photography and I knew what I wanted for my wedding day: Some professionals who offered me something different, young, relaxed and original, but not too modern. I searched a lot on the Internet among photographers in the area, and the pictures of Art's were the only ones who had that special point, while being totally timeless.

When we met in person, my husband and I had clear: Anaïs and Alex were perfect for our big day! And we were not mistaken: they were professional, but very close. We were advised perfectly, we laughed a lot with them and got the whole process, from recruitment to receiving the finished album, out on wheels.

Now we have hundreds of photos taken and edited with care by Anaïs, a wonderfully formated album, which everyone loves, and being the success of the moment: the video clip recorded with both art and rode Álex.

Heart impossible not to recommend. We owe much of the success of our big day."

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