Mas Marroch Wedding | Maria & Emilio

La Maria i l'Emilio is going to marry a beautiful afternoon d'October to Girona. This is one month in which the llum baixa molt i ens is going to capture a spectacular sun setting with which we are going to be so many, like all of us.

Tot the house is going to realitzar But Marroch, owner of the Germans Roca, on all the other details.

The decoration will go to càrrec of 13 by Pilar Barceló , what junt amb Jumel flors, van fer that the day of l'Emilio and the Maria fos inobidable.

Then you can see the video clip of your big day!


fotografo boda Mas Marroch 001


Wedding Planner: 13 by Pilar Barceló // Venue: But Marroch // Flowers: Flors Jumel

Bride's Dress: Raimon Bundó // Make up: Estètica Cristina // Suit: the Lord

Stationery: The Summer Love // Dj: Pere i Nil // Food Truck: The Xurroneta